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Dr. Taufik daragme

  Implant Center dental staff under the direction of Dr. daragmehas a whole set of doctors, technicians, professional and experienced.

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Implant center

While implants are relatively new solution, however, high success rates and their results allow to enjoy better health and higher quality of life.

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Dental Treatment

Dental MedicineI Implant  Center includes a medical team with a broad professional knowledge and experience.


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is relatively new domain which accrue great momentum in recent years, evolving leaps and bounds.

Why us?

We invite you to enjoy a personal relationship, a professional team with experience of over 15 years in the dental field!

Dr. Daragme Implant Center of Dental Medicine  is a network of private dental clinics that based on family atmosphere and personal attention with a reputation for many years of experience in the field of dental Implants  , oral rehabilitation, surgery and aesthetics.
Dr. Taufik Daragme 
Dr. Taufik Daragme, a pioneer inImplants teeth, gained credit for over 15 years experience, set new standards, introduced color into the gray area. . Dr. Daragme has been called the magician, combine  between patients and many friends.
He knows his patients by their first name sdetails of the treatment in phenomenal way. People despair of the damage to them, they realized that in Dr. Daragme  has a solution for almost every problem. His skill is not only a certificate but a fact by hundreds of people.
His works are masterpiece works of art in itself that they are being recorded digital photography before and after treatment.
Center Staff 

Center staff under the direction of Dr.Daragme has a whole set of doctors, technicians. professional and experienced. High hygiene while

performing operations, uncompromising quality with an emphasis on high standards for dental care from a high level of accuracy and aesthetics.Use sophisticated equipment quality materials most existing field.
Personal attention 
We treated each patient personally reviewed along with all the appropriate treatments had the decision jointly with their physician received perfect creative solution to the problem that the medical question of termination. Win new teeth visibility function like natural teeth allow you to enjoy healthy food and good people smile with his mouth full.

15 Years of experience


Treatments in time


Personal attention


Experienced team

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